True wireless, high-bandwidth, stealthy communications underwater
Unique Capabilities
- True wireless
- High-definition (1080p+)
- Near real-time speed
- Safe for human and marine life
- Stealthy
- Not blocked by objects
- Not blocked by turbid water
- Non-Line of Sight (NLOS)
- Day/night operations
- Variable sea, lake, and river state operations
- Multiple size, weight, and power (SWaP) form factors available
Saltenna's underwater capabilities include true wireless, high bandwidth communications and sensing. Unlike optical, Plasmonic communications are stealthy and not blocked by physical obstacles or turbid/cloudy water. Unlike acoustics, they are high bandwidth, stealthy, and safe for human and marine life.

Saltenna is working on enabling users to cut the cord underwater, eliminating tethers and still having weather-independent duplex communications with divers, underwater vehicles, surface vehicles, sensors, and other fixed installations.


Saltenna is evolving fast.
We are developing seemingly impossible communications and sensing at the edge in the most demanding environments. Contact us to explore and craft powerful unique solutions.