Wireless, stealthy, high-bandwidth communications underground, in tunnels, and in parking garages
Unique Capabilities
  • True wireless
  • Near real-time speed
  • High bandwidth (1080p+)
  • Cannot be detected or jammed
  • Turns corners
  • Passes through and along rock, metal, and concrete
  • Supports voice, sensor, and video data transmission
Saltenna's wireless communications are demonstrated to travel along the solid rock walls of tunnels and caves, and along and through the solid concrete and rebar of parking garages.

Saltenna is developing these capabilities to enable tunnels, caves, and garages to be connected, regardless of existing wiring. Unlike traditional Wi-Fi and radio solutions, our technology operates effectively without line-of-sight, making it ideal for:

-Mobile communications in complex, unmapped tunnel networks and caves.
-Navigation and communication within dynamically obstructed spaces like parking garages.

Saltenna's technology can enable rapid, flexible, adaptable communications in both commercial and military contexts.


Saltenna is evolving fast.
We are developing seemingly impossible communications and sensing at the edge in the most demanding environments. Contact us to explore and craft powerful unique solutions.