Wireless, stealthy, high-bandwidth communications in ships and submarines
U.S. Navy photo by Lance Cpl. Emily Weiss.
Unique Capabilities
  • True wireless
  • High-bandwidth
  • Turns corners
  • Passes through and along metal bulkheads, hatches, and doors
  • Supports voice, sensor, and video data transmission
Saltenna's has demonstrated that its wireless communications can travel through and along the metal infrastructure inside ships and submarines. Saltenna is developing this capability to enable true wireless sensor, voice, and data communications inside such vessels without expensive wiring.

These capabilities will enable ships and submarines to be augmented for current and future communications needs without having to drill holes and run wires throughout their entire length. It will also enable faster retrofits, greater flexibility, and less susceptibility to obsolescence due to wiring limitations.

In offensive and border protection capacities, Saltenna expects to be able to establish instantaneous communications inside unknown ships for boarding parties and inspectors.


Saltenna is evolving fast.
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