Wireless, high-bandwidth communications along and through above-ground, underground, and underwater pipelines
Unique Capabilities
  • True wireless
  • High-definition (1080p+ demonstrated)
  • Turns corners
  • Passes through and along solid metal pipes, tanks, and stations
  • Bypass pigging stations and other interruptions
  • Can be used with In-Line Inspection (ILI) tools, smart pigs, aerial drones, fixed sensors, and more
Saltenna is developing wireless communication solutions to enable communication through and along all kinds of pipelines, including liquid and gas pipelines. This technology also applies to underground storage tanks.

Saltenna's technology enables:

- Wireless communication along pipelines, eliminating the need for wires.
-Bypass pigging stations and other interruptions.
-Direct wireless interactions with In-Line Inspections (ILI) tools.
-Real-time data exchange through pipeline walls, enhancing monitoring and control of ILI tools and smart pigs.
-Connect ILI tools and pigs to fixed sensors, mobile external sensors, and aerial (UAV) and underwater (UUV) underwater drones.

Saltenna's solutions facilitate easier monitoring and maintenance of pipelines in remote and difficult-to-access areas, supporting both human and AI-based decision-making for optimized operational efficiency.


Saltenna is evolving fast.
We are developing seemingly impossible communications and sensing at the edge in the most demanding environments. Contact us to explore and craft powerful unique solutions.