True wireless, high-bandwidth communications in dense jungle canopy
Unique Capabilities
- True wireless
- High-definition (1080p+)
- Near real-time speed
- Stealthy
- Excellent transmission in damp environments
- Not blocked by objects or foliage
- Non-Line of Sight (NLOS)
- Multiple size, weight, and power form factors available
Saltenna is developing state-of-the-art wireless communication and sensing technologies tailored for dense jungle environments. These systems provide high bandwidth and near real-time capabilities, crucial for enhancing military, industrial, and search and rescue operations.

Saltenna is also exploring the potential for a versatile antenna system that could seamlessly operate across diverse environments such as underwater riverine areas and jungles. Saltenna's technology could be integrated into portable radios or installed in vehicles, boats, or fixed locations to ensure robust connectivity in various challenging terrains.


Saltenna is evolving fast.
We are developing seemingly impossible communications and sensing at the edge in the most demanding environments. Contact us to explore and craft powerful unique solutions.