Wireless, stealthy, high-bandwidth communications along runways, flight lines, and roads
Unique Capabilities
  • True wireless
  • High-definition video, audio, and data
  • Greater range than current wireless technologies
  • Passes through obstacles such as metal, buildings, machinery, aircraft, and vehicles
  • Can provide primary comms out on remote flightlines or perimeter areas with no existing connectivity
  • Can provide backup comms (COOP) in case of jamming or other attack
Along typical runways, flight lines, and roads, Saltenna is working to leverage existing infrastructure to spread high-bandwidth wireless communications over spans of tarmac, asphalt, and metal. These communications can work despite large obstructions such as metal warehouses, stacks of shipping containers, planes, ships, offices, and other large objects.

In defensive scenarios, Saltenna's Plasmonics may provide resilient backup communications for Continuity of Operations (COOP) that cannot be intercepted or jammed in case of attack, even if all other wireless communications go down.

These advanced capabilities are set to enhance the operational integrity of critical facilities, including airports, military bases, naval bases, ports, and strategic research locations.
Saltenna is evolving fast.
We are developing seemingly impossible communications and sensing at the edge in the most demanding environments. Contact us to explore and craft powerful unique solutions.